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XYZ Maps Documentation

XYZ Maps JS: Core

XYZ Maps is an experimental and work in progress open-source map editor written in TypeScript/JavaScript. The core module of XYZ Maps provides the most basic functionality and is used by all other modules of xyz-maps. Main functionalities of the module are: DataProviders, TileLayers, Geometric Classes and Styling definitions.



Install XYZ Map Core by using

# install using npm
npm install @here/xyz-maps-core


# install using yarn
yarn add @here/xyz-maps-core

Example Usage:

Create a MVTLayer

import {MVTLayer} from '@here/xyz-maps-core';

// create a MVT Layer
const myLayer = new MVTLayer({
    remote: {
        url: 'https://xyz.api.here.com/tiles/osmbase/512/all/{z}/{x}/{y}.mvt?access_token=' + YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
        tileSize : 512
    min: 1,
    max: 20
// and add it to the map display

Start developing

  1. Install node module dependencies

    yarn install

    In case yarn is not installed already: install yarn

  2. watch for source code changes and build dev version

    yarn run watch-dev

    Builds are located in located in ./dist/


  • build dev version once yarn run build-dev (located in packages/*/dist/)

  • build release version only yarn run build-release (minified...)


Copyright (C) 2019-2022 HERE Europe B.V.

This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details

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